The Nft hustle can be both rewarding and stressful, from the chase for early mints to the finesse that is involved in bidding and negotiating your way into already established collections, this can be alot for any newbie. 


  • Most High Earning individuals who want to get on the NFT train find it incredibly difficult to handle the hustle involved in getting into the most promising collections  i.e discord grind , Community participation for Whitelist  and sometimes even setting up a wallet properly and the security involved in keeping your assets safe can be a difficult situation for most.
  • Wealthy individuals who want to get into established NFT’s collections ( for example BAYC).have found the task quite daunting and time consuming.

Market Player 

     MoonPlay Concierge (Source)

  • The Moonpay concierge Targets high earning individuals who aim to acquire digital assets but don’t want to go through the stress and struggle.
  • Using the  Celebrity route they gain traction and publicity for their service.

Job/Career Opportunities 

  • They are influencers and Individuals who are willing to pay substantial fees to people who have a great understanding of tools(discord,twitter etc) involved in getting Whitelists and opportunities in the NFT space. These job roles already exist in the Nft space and I believe the discord hustlers are earning well enough.
  • Growing relationships with Creatives and Collectors in the NFT space will help you in negotiating and brokering deals when Celebrities/High net worth individuals want to purchase their digital assets.Positioning yourself in that manner can get you paid and /or create a career for you.
  • Apply to work at Moonplay concierge or platforms that offer a similar service. They most likely pay well *winks* .