Blog writing as a service for startups.

Blog writing as a service for startups.


  • Most startups need written content but their founders /executives most likely don’t have time or professional writing skills.
  • Some Company employees may be familiar with writing(as a skill) but when asked to do a complex writing task like long form search-optimized(SEO) blog posts, things tend to get a little messy or scattered.
  • Startups looking to rank their website on Google may find hiring a full-time writer to be expensive.


  • Blog writing services create and distribute written content. They write content people and algorithms love.
  • A world-class Productized blog writing service understands how Search works. They write to help startups rank, which drives traffic from Google.
  • Productized writing services are affordable alternatives to hiring an in-house full time writer while reaping the benefits of a successful content campaign such as leads, credibility, brand visibility and customer loyalty. They come up with captivating topics and articles that attract readers’ interest and attention.



Example: founded by Daniel Tay

  • How it started:

WithContent is a content marketing agency that specializes in producing high quality content for technology startups in South Asia.

The company was started by Daniel Tay in 2017 after spending over 7 years working for companies like zendesk, piktochart etc.

According to Daniel, “With Content is a content marketing agency that helps B2B tech companies create credible, authoritative long-form content that potential customers will actually love.”

Source – thatcontentguy.

  • Client Acquisition and retention

Some content agencies don’t practice what they preach. But that’s not the story for WithContent, they launched a new website and employed content marketing to gain brand visibility. 

WithContent published case studies of tech companies they helped drive sales, credibility and visibility with their blog writing service.

Deeper, a weekly newsletter was created to engage the audience and demonstrate authority in writing for tech startups. 

Transparency in rates outlined in the website proved to be an important factor in attracting clients.

WithContent retained most of their clients through trust due to many factors such as excellent customer service, transparency and going the extra mile to please customers. Credibility played an important role in retaining clients.

Finally, each client was assigned a dedicated content strategist for personalized support during the process


  • More freelance writers will productize and set pricing packages for their blog writing service.
  • More writers will see the value of niching down by a specific industry. Example: MarTech.
  • Productized blog writing services will adopt the use of AI tools to enhance their performance and productivity. AI powered Productized services will deliver well-researched long form blog posts within hours instead of days.
  • More B2B startups will pay attention to building an audience with their blogs leading to an increase in demand for high quality, tech savvy blog writers.

Ideas and Opportunities

  • Start with a specific niche, “startups” as a niche is too broad. There are startups in all industries. Pick an industry as your niche based on your interest or experience in the industry.
  • Be sure startups in your chosen niche have money to spend on marketing. They MUST have a marketing budget.
  • Consider redesigning your website to be world-class standard. Quality design, Well-written copy and Search Optimized.
  • Outline your rates / pricing and packages on your website.
  • Aside from Testimonials, publish case studies of startups you helped rank for certain keywords in the SERPs.
  • Make sure you attract sales through inbound channels like your blog and newsletter.
  • Always go out of your way to provide your prospects and customers with additional value – Try to understand their expectations and over deliver. Engage with your customers as much as possible and help them in any way you can.
  • “Every piece of content is created for a specific purpose. That’s no small thing” – Declan O Flaherty. You and your team should have this mindset when creating content, every blog post written MUST be exceptional and should produce QUALITY results* for your client – Sounds like an opportunity? (results* can be SEO, lead generation, credibility and trust, customer engagement etc.)
  • As your business grows, hire content strategists and niche excellent writers , match them with your clients for personal support. “You’ll get a dedicated content strategist and blog writer to handle all your content needs.”

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